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Is Your Recruiter Putting Your Trial at Risk?

Can working with a clinical research recruitment agency put your trials at risk? 

Should you avoid working with clinical research recruiters all together and just find your own clinical professionals?

The answers are simple:

Yes – clinical research recruitment agencies can put your trials at risk

And No – you shouldn’t avoid working with clinical staffing agencies!  I believe working with a great clinical research recruitment agency is the right approach if you are working with the right one.

So what are your risks when working with unprofessional, incompetent, or amateur professionals?

  • I believe the biggest risk is that your company will be misrepresented by unprofessional recruiters, thereby offending potential quality employees and their employers.
  • Additionally, incompetent or amateur recruiters may be careless with confidential information which could cause serious issues with your trial.
  • Inept recruiters can seriously waste your time if:
    • They are not familiar with the clinical research industry, thereby not understanding what a “quality clinical professional” truly is
    • They do not have a robust screening process, therefore you receive a dump of resumes of which only a handful meet your original requirements
    • They do not obtain permission from the candidates for submittal, therefore you receive the same candidates from multiple recruiters…and I doubt the candidates are aware they have been submitted for your position which means the candidate may not be interested!
  • Your clinical research recruiter is too slow to provide resources.
  • Your clinical research recruiter is unable to provide candidate references (yes – I said candidate) which will prove the clinical recruitment company pays on time and takes care of their team members.
  • The company is unable to guarantee you will have a single point of contact, meaning you are speaking with multiple people causing considerable inconsistency, inefficiency, and frustration on your end.

Stay tuned for additional insights on how to select the best Clinical Research Recruitment Agency to fit your needs.  By the way, be frank, be vocal, and feel free to leave a message below for comment.


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