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When Should You Use A Recruiting Agency?

I recently posted a position online through Indeed, not realizing that Indeed is something called an “aggregator” and that posting was quickly mirrored onto other job sites.  That job post basically went viral, so within the first couple days I was buried in emails from both qualified and non-qualified candidates. I even had truck drivers applying for clinical research positions – it was so frustrating!

After that major debacle I ended up spending a lot of my valuable time weeding through the muck of all the candidates who applied instead of focusing on my day job – tending to important matters with our clinical trials.  At one point I had to just pick some candidates who looked decent to interview.

My largest concern was that I was overlooking some really strong candidates because I didn’t have time to weed through all the applicants.

Since that disaster, we have partnered with a couple of clinical recruiting agencies to find quality candidates for us.  Recruiting agencies can be efficient and quick; and when their niche is in clinical research, these clinical research recruitment agencies can be highly knowledgeable of our industry (notice the stress on “can be” but we can address that in a later post). We conducted a test run for a contract CRA to be used for some co-monitoring, and our niche CRA recruiting agency was able to bring us several quality candidates within the first two days.

In the meantime, I was able to concentrate on my day job and focus on our clinical studies. 

Working with a clinical recruitment agency can be cost effective in the long run if they are good at fully vetting out the candidates. A good recruiting agency will be able to find you a quality candidate quickly, but also have alternate candidates you can fall back on if the first candidate doesn’t work out.

One clinical staffing agency I had the pleasure of working with assigned an account manager to me who dealt with all the hiring and firing of candidates. She coordinated all the interviews with me and my management team, did their background and reference checks pre-hire, and dealt with their timesheets and performance concerns while the consultants were engaged.  We were spared a lot of headaches and were able to hire our new team members in record time.  And the new team members “stuck” with us throughout the entire study – which I appreciated!

Working with good clinical research recruiting agencies has contributed to the success of my team, which in turn has had a positive impact to our clinical trials.

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