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Should You Work with Multiple Recruiting Firms?

Finding the right team members is tough. And quite frankly, I don’t have enough time to go chasing people for jobs…I am busy! This is why we have employed several clinical recruitment agencies to find candidates for us. I believe you would agree that the larger your clinical team is, the more help you will need to fill open positions.

However, working with more than one recruiting firm does not necessarily mean less management on your part. Some clinical recruiting agencies submit a single candidate then drop off the planet never to be seen again. Some hound you endlessly, asking if you have any open requisitions or feedback on submitted candidates. But then there are others who always strive to do the right thing…they don’t bug you, are available when you need them, and consistently deliver quality candidates.

So why not work with just one recruiting firm?

The simple response:  why would you want to put all your eggs in one basket? Even if a clinical recruitment agency does everything right, they may not be able to fill the requisitions as quickly as you need them to. Additionally, the single con of working with a niched clinical recruiting firm means that when you need candidates outside of their realm of expertise, you will have to go elsewhere.

You should also take into consideration the possibility of one agency just not working out.  Not only have I seen poor performing recruiting agencies, but I have seen clinical staffing agencies go bankrupt and stop paying your consultants.  You have to have a plan B!

If you have a continual need for contractors, having a constant incoming flow of quality candidates is very important; and if you only use one agency, your pool of great candidates may start to dwindle.  Additionally, as you already realize, some candidates don’t work out, and you have to have other resources in order to quickly recover.  And lastly, having multiple resources gives you more options to select from as having five great candidates to choose from sure beats the heck out of having to settle for the only mediocre candidate submitted.

So now that we have established you should work with multiple recruiting agencies, how do you manage the relationships of multiple recruiting firms?

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