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Good Recruiters Provide Career Consultation

I’ve been on both sides of the fence as a job seeker and a hiring manager. I know how tough it is to have to look for a steady gig…it is almost as difficult to be a hiring manager looking for a new team member!

I remember I applied for a position through a recruiting agency way back in the Stone Age when you had to go in and apply in person. I was assigned to a recruiter who looked at my resume and gave me tips. During my appointment she listened to my career aspirations and my goals…she really got to know me as a person and dug in to find out what I was looking for. She also pointed me to some interview resources they had available and promised to keep me in mind for any future opportunities.

About three months went by and I forgot about the agency and my experience. I got a call one day and they had a contract they wanted me to interview for. The agency provided details on the company and position and sent me off to interview with their client.  The contract was exactly what I was looking for.

The recruiter had listened to me!

I was offered the contract and was back to work within the span of a week! I was truly impressed…and honestly appreciated that the recruiter had listened to what I was looking for.  They hadn’t spammed me with positions I wasn’t qualified for or wouldn’t be interested in, but contacted me for a position I was capable of doing and met my career goals.  I was a happy camper, and I still refer my colleagues to work with agencies who take the time to give career advice.

So what does this mean to you as a hiring manager?

I’ve worked with a variety of different recruiting agencies to fill the hiring needs of the companies I’ve worked at. I make it a habit of working with the agencies that provided career consultation to their candidates. Career consultation from recruiters gives candidates options but also ensures I only receive those candidates who are not only qualified but truly want the position.

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