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CROs that do Staffing

I think CROs can be an important integral part of the overall Clinical Research Jigsaw Puzzle.  To me, it is about focus and specialty.

For example, the focus and passion clinical research team members bring to the development of new drugs and devices is incredible.  The persistent and continual dedication these highly skilled and specialized individuals exhibit is why these new drugs and devices have such a positive impact to hundreds (and even thousands) of individuals.  And who wouldn’t want to cure cancer, alleviate Crohn’s disease, or wipe out Alzheimer’s?

And along the same lines, a great Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializes in the effective design, management, and implementation of clinical trials.  These CROs focus on the execution of their trials so the resulting conclusion is that their sponsors can successfully launch their products into the market.  An accomplished CRO is process driven and has outstanding metrics in place to track trial implementation.   They require energetic and skilled resources to work on their trials and these CROs work hard to identify and recruit the best clinical talent in the industry.  After all, the successful execution of clinical trials is why CROs are in business; so wouldn’t you expect them to only place the best and most talented resources on their projects?

I would expect that.

So what about those hybrid CRO / Staffing companies out there?

Again, to me, it is about focus and specialty.  If a CRO is working hard to identify and recruit the best clinical talent in the industry for their own projects, then what does that say about the resources they would provide me?

Let me ask that a different way:  If a CRO recruits a great CRA, where do you think they are motivated to place him/her? 

Which CRAs are they going to submit to me?  Those they don’t need?  Those not as highly qualified as their “A” list candidates?  Will I be getting their leftovers?  The reality is that the CRAs who are not being utilized by the CRO will be the monitors they submit to me.

My recommendation is for you to work with companies who specialize and focus.  Great Sponsors create life saving drugs and devices.  Great CROs are highly competent in their execution of clinical trials.  And great niched clinical recruiting agencies deliver highly skilled clinical resources.

Signing off,


fred_elmore[use AT symbol here]

6 Responses to “CROs that do Staffing”

  1. Randy

    Fred, I appreciate your input on CROs that do staffing. I can understand the question of ‘if a CRO recruits a great CRA, where do you think they are motivated to place him/her?’ As a recruiter I do strive to place a great CRA at the study and client that will provide success for the overall goal, but there are times when certaim studies are in immediate need of a great CRA for the study to not fail.

  2. Fred

    Randy, thank you for your comments. I agree the sense of urgency is critical when a study has an immediate need for quality monitors. Which is why it is my opinion that Sponsors should seriously consider if it makes sense to engage a CRO as a staffing company.

    I am sorry if I missed your point – please let me know if I did.


  3. Divya

    CROs are so tough to work for! There’s the fast pace, crazy hours, and demanding metrics. Now, with all that being said, I work for a CRO through a recruiting agency. I’ve also worked directly for a CRO that had a staffing division. The differences in my experiences are like day and night. The recruiter I work with now was very candid on what I would be getting myself into; it was almost as if she was trying to convince me not to take the job. Recruiters need to be dead honest about every aspect of a job and let us make the decision. Surprisingly, my contract with is coming up for renewal soon and I think I’ll stay!

  4. Angel

    I work through a “CRO” called Beaufort. They have me placed with another CRO (let’s call this CRO “P”) right now and my contract is about to expire with them.

    A recruiter called me about a contract with “P”. I am so disappointed because I feel Beaufort should be working with “P” to have me redeployed as I clearly meet the qualifications of the projects “P” needs staff for. Instead of Beaufort working with me to extend my current contract, it seems they are just going to let my contract lapse. It doesn’t make sense!

  5. Dil

    Excellent article Fred.

    What is the biggest frustration in running a successful CRO?

  6. Fred

    Dil, thank you for the question. I would say the biggest frustration would be the challenge in obtaining high quality resources – especially great quality CRAs.

    Wouldn’t you?

    Which is why CROs and Sponsors need to be picky about the Recruiting Agency they use.


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