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Is Your Recruiter Putting Your Trial at Risk?

Can working with a clinical research recruitment agency put your trials at risk? 

Should you avoid working with clinical research recruiters all together and just find your own clinical professionals?

The answers are simple:

Yes – clinical research recruitment agencies can put your trials at risk

And No – you shouldn’t avoid working with clinical staffing agencies!  I believe working with a great clinical research recruitment agency is the right approach if you are working with the right one.

So what are your risks when working with unprofessional, incompetent, or amateur professionals?

  • I believe the biggest risk is that your company will be misrepresented by unprofessional recruiters, thereby offending potential quality employees and their employers.
  • Additionally, incompetent or amateur recruiters may be careless with confidential information which could cause serious issues with your trial.
  • Inept recruiters can seriously waste your time if:
    • They are not familiar with the clinical research industry, thereby not understanding what a “quality clinical professional” truly is
    • They do not have a robust screening process, therefore you receive a dump of resumes of which only a handful meet your original requirements
    • They do not obtain permission from the candidates for submittal, therefore you receive the same candidates from multiple recruiters…and I doubt the candidates are aware they have been submitted for your position which means the candidate may not be interested!
  • Your clinical research recruiter is too slow to provide resources.
  • Your clinical research recruiter is unable to provide candidate references (yes – I said candidate) which will prove the clinical recruitment company pays on time and takes care of their team members.
  • The company is unable to guarantee you will have a single point of contact, meaning you are speaking with multiple people causing considerable inconsistency, inefficiency, and frustration on your end.

Stay tuned for additional insights on how to select the best Clinical Research Recruitment Agency to fit your needs.  By the way, be frank, be vocal, and feel free to leave a message below for comment.


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6 Responses to “Is Your Recruiter Putting Your Trial at Risk?”

  1. James

    Fred, this article provides many insightful tips that are usually overlooked when working a position. The candidate reference is a great one as this will bring more trust within the client using a recruiter. I will definitely start using that tip!! I remember at one time interviewing a candidate and the frustration they had with a different recruiting agency because they were not getting paid from the agency and the client was about to lose an individual that was so good at what they do. That can definitely hurt the trial and the relationship they have with all individuals involved.

  2. Fred

    James, it is amazing how we as hiring managers do not realize what can be overlooked when hiring consultants for a trial. I am glad that you will be using one of the tips suggested.


  3. Anna

    I once had a recruiter promise she had a position open and I went through the whole interview process and ended up finding out the position didn’t exist. I then interviewed for another contract position somewhere else and they told me I was already submitted from another agency; the same one who lied about having positions! They cost me the job and used my resume without my permission. I asked to be removed from their database but who really knows what recruiters do what all that information.

  4. Fred

    Anna, that’s really awful I’m sorry that happened to you. Recruiters are notorious for being sales driven and many lose sight of what is ethical. Confidentiality is so important to maintain. Resumes contain your address, phone number, job history, and very sensitive details about your life. When deciding what recruiting agency to work for, I find it helpful to determine what their screening process and submittal processes are. But you’re absolutely right, you really never know what recruiters do with all your information. Having a written agreement with them about what they do with your resumes will at least give you some comfort, and from a legal standpoint, it’s a great safety net. Good luck!

  5. Tom

    Being misrepresented by a recruiting agency is a sore subject for me. I’ve had to fight to get paid, and the entire process was like pulling teeth. As a contractor, having the right recruiting agency is crucial for me to make sure I get paid at all!

  6. Fred

    Tom, thank you for your comments. I certainly understand and would challenge you to always ask around to find out if anyone has had a bad experience with the agency you are considering partnering with.

    If there is bad news, it typically gets posted somewhere. Google search is wonderful!


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