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How Recruiters Cause “New Hire Failure”

Have you ever had a new hire with numerous technical skills but a poor attitude or zero motivation?

Have you ever had a new hire start work only to find he doesn’t meet the minimum qualifications and is not trained to handle the job?

In today’s market, companies need to pay attention to both the skills required along with the motivation individuals bring to the table when qualifying potential new employees.  In order for a new hire to succeed with the organization, not only does the new employee need to have the skills necessary to perform the job, but the company needs to hire the candidate who fits within their own unique culture.

So what can your clinical recruiting agency do to alleviate a high attrition rate within the new employee’s first 90 days?

First, a quality clinical recruitment agency will spend the time to get to know you and your company before they start recruiting the position.  If your recruiter blindly takes a job description and then equally as thoughtlessly forwards multiple resumes to you without considering your personality and the company culture, then you need to fire that recruiter.

Second, a tenured and quality clinical research recruitment agency will source candidates who are passively looking, not just those candidates who are actively looking.  When recruiters only shop on resume boards, they are finding candidates who are either unemployed or unhappy in their current position.  This means you are likely not getting the highest quality candidates!  Use a recruiting firm that truly “head-hunts” and finds candidates who are already gainfully employed, clear about their career goals, have great tenure, and would only select your opportunity because they want to be a part of your company…not just because they have a mortgage payment to make.

And lastly, your clinical trial staffing agency will provide a robust screening process that not only determines if the candidate is the right match for you, but also attacks certain factors that can contribute to the failure of the new hire.  That screening process should include a structured interview to assess the technical skills, and a behavioral interview to assess how the candidate has truly handled relevant situations and conflicts in the past.  The screening process should also include a career consultation which confirms the candidate’s career goals align with the mission of your company.

Does your clinical research recruiting company do these things?


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5 Responses to “How Recruiters Cause “New Hire Failure””

  1. James

    Hi Fred, your article is great! I have had my share of recruiters in the past and luckily I have two great recruiting agencies that I can count on. The recruiters that I am in partnership with definitely have the traits and processes you mentioned in your article. Although I have had my share of bad recruiters I have learned many tips from those experiences. The one tip I really like is to align the candidate’s career goals with the mission of our company as a true and quality match will be made.

  2. Fred

    James, thank you for your comments. I am glad to hear you have learned from the bad recruiters – but doubly glad to hear you have current recruiter partnerships which are strong.

    Also, thank you for reinforcing the importance of the candidate’s career goals aligning with the mission of your company. Having goals establishes a direction and feeds a passion – and without passion, a new hire will not last very long.


  3. Fred

    One more thing James, I would invite you to go to our comparison tables and rank those agencies you are building terrific partneships with (you don’t have to disclose your name if you would prefer to stay on the down-low).

    Remember the point of this blog is to help others avoid your mistakes – so your feedback on other companies will be very helpful.


  4. Sara

    Fred, as I read this article it was great to know I was not the only one thinking this way. As a hiring manager for a small to medium size company hiring individuals that as a recruiter did not find what their ultimate goal is or what even motivates them is essential. As most recruiters that I have dealt with in the past there only goal is for a placement and not the success of the client along with the new hire success.

  5. Fred

    I agree, Sara. Many recruiters and clinical recruitment staffing agencies fail to look at the bigger picture. We (as hiring managers), need recruiting companies to partner with us. We need them to understand our culture and our needs, and find candidates who are not only qualified, but WANT to be a part of our project teams.

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