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Time to Evaluate Your Recruiter!

Have you ever had a consultant who was a drama queen and made excuses for everything she didn’t do or didn’t do right? Have you had a consultant who didn’t return her equipment, had overdue reports, couldn’t handle conflict at the sites or just didn’t produce the quality or quantity of work you expected?

When you have had these issues, has your recruiter solved them for you? 

There are going to be problems with your clinical team members.  After all, we do work with humans!  However, a quality clinical trial recruiter will work for you and aggressively address these types of issues.  Having a recruiter who does not bury his or her head in the sand when there are problems but who is in constant communication with you as well as with the consultant will greatly increase the chances of the obstacles being addressed quickly – before they get out of hand.  And when your recruiter is assessing and removing those obstacles, you can spend more of your time managing your clinical trials.

Along with addressing complications, it is important to work with CRA recruiters who are able to engage consultants who are passionate about clinical research.  It isn’t just about the skills and qualities of the CRA, but that the CRA wants to make a difference in the industry and cares about the success of your company.

So, it is time to evaluate what your clinical research recruiters do for you:

  • When issues arise, does your recruiter address them head-on?  Is he / she in constant communications with you and the consultant so you don’t have to go searching for status?  Or does your recruiter bury her head in the sand and become non-responsive?
  • Are your clinical consultants excited to be working with your company and the novel product you are representing? Or is the consultant more worried about billable hours and hourly rate?

It really is this simple!  If you are struggling with your clinical research recruitment agencies, I would recommend you check out some of the comments and ratings your peers have given some of the “top” recruiting companies out there.  You may be surprised in what you discover.

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5 Responses to “Time to Evaluate Your Recruiter!”

  1. Anna

    I’ve worked with recruiters who’ve suddenly become impossible to reach when I’ve had issues. After hounding me for jobs, I take a job, and then when I need them they’re nowhere to be found! I’m sure there are recruiters out there who don’t do that but they seem far and few in between. I agree that regardless of good news or bad news, recruiters need to keep you informed.

  2. Fred

    Anna, thank you for your feedback. Your complaint is probably the number 1 concern I hear.

    I would invite you to provide input into some of the specific companies you have had issues with. We want folks who are trying to decide which recruiting agency to use to have some insight into their behavior.

    You sharing your experiences may avoid others from suffering through the same.

    Just go to the left pane under the reviews and go for it! You can even be anonymous if you prefer.

    Thanks Anna!


  3. Tom

    Anna, I agree with you. I hate when recruiters do the disappearing act. It’s just common courtesy to let someone know if they got the position or not. That way you aren’t sitting around waiting for nothing, and burning valuable time that could be spent finding another contract.

  4. Sandra

    Fred, I think the key is to find an agency that predominantly works in your field. Our company works with a couple of agencies, but I can clearly see the difference in the attitudes of the candidates that come from one particular recruiting agency.

    And that agency only works in clinical research. To find passionate and dedicated candidates, you must first find a passionate and dedicated recruiting company.


  5. Fred

    Sandra, thank you for your comments. It is a perfect scenario when you find a recruiting agency that is in the Clinical Research field because they want to make a difference.

    I ran into a “recruiter” at the chiropractor’s office who was intrigued with what I am doing on this site. I asked him what field he recruits in and he stated “anything – it is all the same, really”.

    Now, that is a recruiter you should steer clear of. I hate to be a snob, but the recruiter who believes the clinical research field is the same as the IT field (or janitorial staffing field, or secretarial field, etc) is not the one I want vetting out my future CRAs. Wouldn’t you agree?

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