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Why You Should Use a Lazy Recruiter

I am sure you all will agree that a good recruiting agency should have efficient processes in place which enables them to quickly provide quality candidates. They should execute according to a mature strategic plan, have clear and definable goals, and should be transparent about what they can and can’t do.

So what is a lazy recruiter?

Note that when I say “lazy recruiters” I don’t mean they ignore all correspondence and cut corners with sneaky tactics!  The lazy recruiters I like to work with are able to execute their processes in an effective manner. They don’t have to constantly hound hiring managers or candidates to fill spots. They can make 10 calls instead of 100 and quickly find quality placements.

Lazy recruiters are technically savvy and are able to continually find creative new ways to increase the pool of quality candidates they work from. Like you, I prefer to work with recruiting agencies who offer a robust database of candidates for the simple reason of giving me more options. Having a large pool of candidates to choose from also takes the pressure off the recruiters and the candidates as both parties are aware that there are other candidates to choose from.  This means no single candidate is pressured to accept a job they don’t want, you have more quality candidates to choose from, and your selected candidate sticks around causing your employee attrition rate to be lower.

Now consider for a moment, any major grocery store. In order to provide a quick and effective checkout, you will typically have different checkout lines to choose from.  There’s the “10 and under” line, the regular checkout line, an automated self-checkout line, and a designated area for returns and customer service issues. Grocery stores have figured out how to be lazy while providing their customers options to address their needs and to stay satisfied.

Now, imagine you go to a store with only one lone checkout and everyone had to go through that same pipeline. All returns, all complaints, the lady with 3 items and the guy with 2 carts full of stuff would all have to use the same line. Do you think people would continue to use that store for very long?

Good recruiting agencies give their hiring managers options, are efficient and effective, and their recruiters are lazy (in a good way)!

Signing off,


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4 Responses to “Why You Should Use a Lazy Recruiter”

  1. CL

    Fred, I understand you want efficient recruiters, and from a candidate standpoint we do too! From my view of the universe, it can be hard to see if a recruiting agency is efficient or not. How I judge their efficiency is by how quickly they respond back to me, if they only contact me for positions I’m qualified for, and if they don’t try to low ball me on the rates. Thanks for the article Fred

  2. Michele

    Fred, this is a great article as it provides the # 1 objective for both the recruiter and the hiring manager which is to have quality candidates. I will take this tip and apply it to when we analyze the recruiting agencies which is to have a robust screening process in which will demonstrate if the recruiter is a ‘lazy one’. Thank you!!

  3. Fred

    CL, great points. I hope you are also holding them accountable for giving you rejections.

    I find recruiters love to give good news, but fail to tell candidates when they are not selected for positions. But out of respect for you, quality recruiters will not leave you hanging and will provide whatever feedback is available.

    Thank you for your points!


  4. Fred

    Michele, thank you for the compliment. As you determine which recruitment agencies to use, take a look at our reviews.

    Several recruiting companies have been reviewed and candid feedback provided. The point is to help folks like you decide which recruiters to use – and which one to avoid.

    The reviews are on the left side – I have them in different categories. If you can’t find a particular company, just give me a shout.


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